"Yes, indeed. I was shocked, too. But, they're immortals."

I looked at Professor William, and then back at the paper. Immortals... I thought, strange.

"Dismissed." Professor said. I jumped. Was I lost in my dream lands again? I got up from the chair, and went away, with everyone else. I ran into my room and shut it, checking twice if it was locked. "O-kay. So, now we start..." I paused as I got out my journal. I opened it up, and, something strange happened. I heard a female voice outside my room:

"Professor William, it's his name, right? I have to talk to him."

And then a male voice:

"We're very sorry, Professor William isn't here right now-"

"Then were can I find him?"

"We're afraid he doesn't want to be bothered now."

"But I have to talk to him... About immortals."

"No, please, leave. You can't bother him now. Come back later."

"Hey! Hey! Let me go you!"

I heard foot steps and the yelling faded away. Do immortals exist, anyway? Why are they so fond in them? I sat at my desk and started writing.

November 5th, 1908

Today, Professor William started discussing about immortals. I was really shocked, because he said that immortals are people and things that can't be killed. People. He called them people. Immortals aren't people if they last forever. No one can kill them, they can't kill themselves. I guess they live a very boring life... Maybe not? Immortals can't learn from their mistakes. Immortals can't choose the right pass. It's like an endless game where there are game overs and you just replay all the time, starting from the beginning. Immortals live a sorrowful life, many kill just to make themselves happy. Immortals are monsters, sent by god... devil? Immortals live, even if their family and friends die. Immortals just cause themselves pain. Immortals are happy by other people suffering, they can only cry blood, no tears. Immortals will someday rule the world, but I am sure I will die before the do so. I am happy I am not a immortal, for I lost my family, friends, and my love. The day will come, when I will die, and come to my loved ones in heaven. We'll greet each other with a hug,

A tear fell on the page.

And will never let go of each other. Never ever again.

I was smiling.

I am happy I'm not immortal.

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