Origin Poem Edit

Someone asked me today
"Hey Calibur, where do you get your inspiration?"
Well this made me think
I found an answer where I didn't expect it to lie
And so I decided to put it in a poem
And being me I somehow turned it nerdy

My inspiration lies in many sources
Poets, actors and musicians were my first answer
But I looked deeper and found out something
Inspiration comes from everywhere

Great modern poets such as Sarah Kay and George Watsky
Or brilliant and clever lyricists such as Bo Burnham or, well George Watsky
Witty comedians such as... oh god damn it Watsky!
All these people get inspiration from something else

So who do these people admire?
Older and more classical poets, musicians and comedians?
Maybe but where do those people get their inspiration?
It all leads up to the common man, no matter where you start.

When I say common man I mean women too of course
You won't be catching me being sexist on the internet
There are too many feminists sending me death threats already
So let me just cut to the chase

Nerdy Poem Edit

I find inspiration
In people like my dad
He does what he does
And he does it the best he can

I find inspiration
In people like my mum
She works her hardest
At home and at work

People like my uncle
So strong and ferocious
He can lift a barrel
And damn can he throw it

They may have their enemies
And with my uncle more than one
I mean, a good guy? Who fights Mario?
Like him there are none

I find inspiration
Inside me, just myself
And all the people who have helped me
Are there just as well

I'm not as big, I'm not as tough
But damn I will still fight
I may be much smaller, but I still care
I will try my hardest, so here's my introduction

Hi, my name is Diddy
This is my uncle Donkey Kong
You may have thought otherwise
But this poem was Nerdy all along


Please give me feedback/constructive criticism.
I know only the last line rhymed
That was an accident
This was not meant to be a rhyming poem

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