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Numb....I only feel numb

I welcome the lack of feeling...

the dull tingling of my emotions,

expressions, and people go bouncing off, leaving marks;

but I don't feel them...... I've let go of my pain...

Slowly becoming a lost soul, I immerse myself in

molten steel, stelling and sealing myself off from the world...

I've hidden myself within myself,

A profound hermit of emotion. Left exposed, I ran for the cover within my mind.

My muse gone, what porpose could I have left? But that's all in my past

I've broken from my cast, and I walk calmly away from my pain...

With love in my heart, and dreams in my soul, I look down my path with joy....

Can't allow myself to be a tortured soul....

I've grown to love the concept of love, and I've done myself away with hate.

This anger, this rage, this fury, I am now called to exonerate....

I can no longer bring myself to hurt, from it i have no more to gain;

the depression, the sadness is gone from me now, I've finally abolished the pain.....

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