This is a poem dedicated to all those who are currently extremely stressed or considering suicide. There are ups and downs in life,

which we can't control.

There are those days,

where time tortures you.

Enduring stress forever long,

time slowly goes by...

You feel like...


Screaming at everything.

Like the whole world is suddenly against you.

No one cares and no even bothers,

to feel the pain that you feel.

Deep pain and suffering,

no one cares.

Solitude, loneliness,

no one with you.

No one to feel the pain,

but you....

But there is light.

No matter how small.

Because somewhere....

Deep inside.

You know it'll be alright.

Alright in the end.

It'll be fine.

Because somewhere outside...

in the rest of the world.

There'll be someone feeling what you feel right now.

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