~Chapter One~Edit

Raindrops ran down my faces like a waterfall down the rocks which resided in the lane near my barn. My old barn, I mean. I kept running, trying not to let the memories overtake my mind, concentrating on trying to see through the rain instead. But of course, my mind wishes to hate me and the memories were too strong.

A thick musty smell...A old but homey look...The straw was messy, in a neat-ish way....On the walls, lay pieces of paper, poetry written on them in a messy scrawl. A small cot leaned against one of the walls, the sheets neat. Suddenly, the memory changed, and there was yells along with screams of pain. Blood ran down the barn wall and -

I fell to the ground, slipping on one of the many logs in the wet rain. My knees were quickly bleeding, feeling like they had been grated with a cheese grater. My blond hair fell down my shoulders, covered in mud. I tried to stand up, but my cut hands could not find any strength. Falling flat against the ground, I pulled myself to a nearby oak and leaned against it. I noticed how the bark was rough against my bare arms, and how my feet bled onto its roots. How the clouds covered the whole night sky like a giant blanket and how all alone...I felt...'All alone, I felt truly lost.

Shaking my wet head, I tried to get it clear just as I tried to get emotions back behind a cage, where they couldn't affect me. A cage which stopped me from caring anymore, because after that happened, it's too dangerous to care. Too dangerous to do anything but run. It's all I seemed to do, nowadays. No, I mustn't think of the old days. I must just...

I sighed and closed my eyes, wanting sleep. But as every night, sleep did not come. Instead, I shivered and hunger overcame me. WIP

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