On the planet known as Earth, this planet has been ravaged by wars and pollution, the very spirit of the planet is slowly dying and in one last chance to survive, it created a "natural immune system" that humanity will come to know them as "Kaiju".  These giant monsters slowly made their appearance to humanity as destructive beings of nature. The first to make their appearance is Ladon, a giant dragon that slumbered beneath the mounts of the Himalayas for many centuries, called upon to teach humanity a lesson, it first attacked. Then a second monster appeared off the coast of New Zealand knowned as Muraenidae. A giant Moray Eel that was given the ability to harness electricity. One blast of electricity can reduce titanium to molten slag and organic life are reduced to ash. These monsters have became one of the most deadly creatures on the planet classified by the newly created GDC (Global Defense Corps.); an organization created by 34 nations dedicated to defend humanity with new weapons called mecha units. Three monsters will be discovered as the story goes on. I will add more monsters along the way. The story will be told by three characters; the President of the United States who is attending the 1st GDC summit meeting, a family from the now destroyed Wellington, New Zealand are trying to survive and scavenge of the remaining resources and a rookie air pilot who is going to be a pilot of the new mecha machines the GDC have built.

Prelude:  "Wendy's Diary"Edit

Hi there, if you have found and reading this diary. I am probably dead along with the rest of family. You see, my home city was destroyed, at first I did not want to believe it at first. But it was destroyed by a a giant monster. But lately they have been appearing all over the world. London, Wellington (my home city), Shanghai, New York City has been completely destroyed. We have been waiting for aid but none arrived, we were left to roll around in our own filth until we died. Most of my friends and neighbours are now insane people trying to survive post-destruction of the city. My family have tried our best to evade them the best we can, but whenever we find some place to sleep at night, we are found by different gangs, these gangs use to run the districts of the city, but since it was destroyed they waged total war on each other and the fighting never seems to cease. My little brother is scared, so I comfort him until he falls asleep.

Prelude: Initiation to the Global Defense Corps of Private Johnathan LabountyEdit

STAND UP! the sergeant barked his orders. The entire platoon stood in unwavering silence..

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