Iris is the main antagonist of Trampled by Starlight

Iris Starlight
"You don't deserve to be princess! Die!"
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth {{{date of birth}}}
Current age 17 1/2
Gender female
Family Unknown
Status Dead
Eye Color purple
Hair Color bluish-white
Height 5'10
Alias She
Affiliation Self
Weapons fingernails
Species Human/Ghost
Home The castle of Alanatha
Appearances Trampled by Starlight


Her history is unknown.


Before Death: Iris had long curly brown hair and tan skin. Her eyes were still purple.

After Death: Iris has long curly white hair, white skin, and purple eyes.

She is still really pretty, even though she's a deadly ghost.


After Iris died, she went insane and killed all of the girls that were thought to be the true princess who entered the castle.


She likes to cut people with her fingernails, and if she's in the mood, she can bite really hard.

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