Snow fluttered gently to the ground as it lay on the ground, tears beginning to flow from it's eyes. If only there were someone to keep it company, to shield it from the cold, and in return it would shield that someone from the cold as well. They would protect each other, worries melting away like the wax of a lit candle. But there was nothing in sight for it.
The tears on it's face crystallized into ice, numbing it's face even further. It reached into the snow with a wiry hand and began drawing something. It struggled at first, making random and meaningless scribbles. After many tries, it finally managed to draw a crooked heart in the snow. For once it began to smile, albeit faintly. The smile faded quickly because the heart wasn't enough to keep it company. With a quick slash of it's hand, it drew a thick line down the middle of the heart.

It pulled itself up and sat cross-legged in the snow. It frowned and stared at what was once a heart. It felt sorry for destroying it, so it tried to erase the line through it but only managed to cause more damage to it. It looked around shyly, looking for anything that would be willing to be it's companion. There was nothing. Only the snow, thick trees, and the empty trail it sat on surrounded it. Nothing ever traveled these trails. Nothing.

Suddenly a delicate blue butterfly landed on it's outstretched hand. It was surprised by this and nearly jumped up. Impossibly, the butterfly had come through the snow to be it's companion. It smiled, feeling a bit of warmth inside at last. It held the butterfly up to it's face, taking a closer look at it. It was as blue as the ocean, with an intricate design printed on it's wings.
It raised it's other hand to pet it affectionately, but unintentionally crushed it. It quickly pulled it's hand back to see what had happened. The butterfly lay crumpled and broken in it's hand, twitching slightly before dying completely. It's only companion had gone as soon as it had come. It began sobbing, tears running over the ice that had gathered on it's face. It collapsed once again in the snow in a fetal position, still weeping for a companion.

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