So, the question is: why are we afraid of the dark?

Easy! The answer is, no one is afraid of the dark. Nope nope, we are not. We are afraid of what's in it. We are afraid of what we can't see - isn't that scary? You don't have any vision, and you don't know where something is. Or what it is.

Yeah. So when someone is afraid of the dark, they are not literally afraid of it. They are afraid of what they can't see.


You're trapped in the corner,

With darkness all around you,

Not even knowing,

If the foe is still there.

You cower in the corner,

You really try to see,

But the blanket of dark,

Is blocking your ability.

You hear a slight sound,

You turn your head there,

Hoping to notice,

And to see that strange thing.

Yet the darkness is taking,

Sides with the enemy,

And you're left alone,

Trembling, sick with fear.

It might be nothing,

Nothing at all,

But you never know when,

It's imagination or not,

And you never know when,

The foe's real or not.

That is the reason,

We're afraid of the dark -

Not one of us fears it,

We fear what's inside.


This is my entry for the "King's October 2014 Writing Contest". No one ever said I couldn't write a poem, so I didn't really mean to break rules if I did. Hope it's fine - I know it's not gonna be the best entry, but oh well. I can still try :P

Also, the title is "It's Dark", cause "Darkness" was already taken...I don't have much talent for creating interesting titles LOL.

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