It's been a while Edit

It's been a while since I have posted
a poem on this site.
Maybe it's because of my move
or maybe I've just outgrown it

I've learnt a lot in my absence
I've become more of a man
I've experienced more love and loss
and travelled to distant lands

I'm still just as nerdy as before
But I'm a little more subtle with it
I'm writing songs left and right
and scrapping them just as quickly

My poetry is more refined
more based on words and rhythm
the rhyming couplets I had before
should never had existed

But I'm back C-unleashed
Who knows for how long
I might only stay for a day
or for a year, who knows

See, this site holds a place for me
deep inside my heart
It wasn't the community
but more about my past

I'd just like to thank you guys
And I hope you remembered me
I wrote the nerdy poems, hey
It's been a while, forgive me

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