(Even if I suck at writing, I will try :DDD)


Here a person lays, in a hospital bed, surrounded by doctors. The person stares at the doctors, noting all their details. Her name is A, and she is not Alice. They are around her, like bunnies on a mating season. However they aren't mating her, they are devouring her. Their pink bug eyes are way too huge for their body. Their heads are enormous with long ears which barely touch the ceiling. A can not do anything. She won't stand up or scream. She understands. The doctors' small bodies hop around her body, devouring her stomach. A asks the main doctor, "What's the point of this, doctor?" It replies with a hiss, it's buck teeth burning her hand's skin as they rip through her flesh, "The point is to not understand." The main doctor is the biggest of all them. He has human hands, human eyes, human lips, human nose, human ears, and human legs. A smiles, she understands, but it's against the law. The doctors are supposed to devour her brain as well now. She picks the main doctor up by it's second pair of ears, which are like a rabbits, and brings it close to her face. Hey breath is as hot as boiling water. The doctors have infected her. A's mouth stretches as far as the main doctor's head. She bites his face off, red cotton squirts out of his now non-existing face like blood. It leaks out of her mouth and runs down her chin to her breasts. A's eyes are not human anymore. They are big, pink bug eyes that the other doctors have. Her front teeth form into buck teeth as her mouth deforms into a different animals' faces. The doctors hop over to the main doctor's dead body, which is not as dead as it looks. The main doctor is dead but still slightly moves. The queen walks into the room and behind the crazy A. She is holding a hammer in her hand. The queen smashed A's head one time, making an obvious huge hole in it. A's brain was rotting. Her mouth is like a horse's, and she is dead. The queen then starts devouring herself, as the other doctors rip away her long, red royal dress. It is the point to not understand.

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