Jack Connor

Jack Conner

Vital Statistics
Date of Birth June 4th, 1986
Current age 36
Gender Male

Holly Connor (Mentioned)

Status Alive
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Height 5" 11' (180 cm)
Home Boston, Massachusetts
Appearances Hidden Secrets

Jack Conner (born June 4th, 1986) is a fictional character, and protaganist in the story Hidden Secrets. He is the one who finds the Malacarium in the old town hall of Ironwood, West Virginia, triggering the events of the story.

He suffers from chronic depression, in which he must take pills for. He also hints to be suicidal, though is often to afraid to do anything severe.

He becomes friends with Norma Potter, a citizen of Ironwood, who helps him as he uncovers the secrets of the town's eerie history.


Connor was an accountant at a major financial corporation in Boston for roughly 5 years before the series. As of now, nothing much is known other than it was called "Franklin & Sons Financial", and that it's supposed bankruptcy and closure not only caused Connor to go broke, but his family also. Having lost everything, Connor attempted to escape Boston.

He soon drove through the backwoods of West Virginia, taking prescriptions of his anti-depressants. Overdosing, he then becomes drowsy, which causes his car to collide into an on-coming mini-van. He then awakens in Ironwood, West Virginia two days later, having killed the driver of the oncoming van.

Hidden SecretsEdit




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