They say jealousy is an ugly trait

I agree

Then why do I feel I it?

I don’t know

You tell me

Maybe it’s that childish feeling you get

When there’s something you want

That you can’t have

Don’t say that I’m being childish

If you were here

In my place

You would be jealous to

You would want to do something to hurt them

Hurt the people you care about

Only because you're jealous

But you wouldn’t

Because it’s wrong

And we know it’s wrong

But still

It’s a burning that fire

In our stomachs

That never dies


A feeling so blue of sadness

It makes you red with anger

And when I sit

And think about it

It makes me even more jealous

Why would I want this gift?

This Pandora’s Box of jealousy

And this curse may only leave

When I open that box

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