This story is extremely weird, and involves some creepy things

(I was at a slumber party and we told this story)

One Evening, a ten-year-old boy named Johnny was laying on the couch playing video games. "Johnny!" His mother shouted from the kitchen. "We don't have anything for dinner, so I want you to go to the store and buy some liver."

"Ok mom," Johnny replied, pausing his game.

Johnny took his mother's money and went to the store. Unfortunately, Johnny forgot all about the liver and spent all of the money on candy. Once he let, he realized his mistake and went to a graveyard and dug up a new dead person.

Don't ask me why he did this, OK? It's a part of the story

Johnny then took out his liver and brought it home to his mother. So, becoming cannibals even though the mother didn't know, they ate the dead person's liver.

That night when Johnny and his mother went to bed, Johnny heard a faint whisper in his ear, "Johnny, I want my liver back."

Johnny tossed and turned, thinking he was just hearing things. Then he hear it again, a bit louder now.

"Johnny, I want my liver back."

Now Johnny started to freak out so he told his mother who was already fast asleep. "Johnny, it's nothing. Now go to bed before I ground you," his mother groaned, going back to sleep.

Fearing being grounded from video games more than the creepy voice, Johnny went back to bed.

He heard it again, now it was talking.

"Johnny, I want my livers back."

Johnny started to freak out even more. He told his mother again, only to get grounded. Johnny dragged himself back to bed and couldn't sleep.

Suddenly, the voice yelled, "JOHNNY, I WANT MY LIVER BACK!!!!"

So since Johnny couldn't give the dead person's ghost its liver, it killed him and took his instead.

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