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This one is more like a song than a poem, but you can still read it as one! I can supply chords if so asked

Do it in style: The Journey of Love Edit

Well I said if I was to be
The one that would take you anywhen
Would you come with me?
I could take you everywhen
Just come along inside
Join me in my heart
And together we can ride
Inside my little Time Go-Kart

(chorus thing)
Back to the Future
let's go
Back and save the past
I'm not a hero
I'm just me
I'm just me

I know it's not quite the same
as riding in Doc and Marty's one
But I can't be to blame
It's still working, it still runs
It's got it's Mr Fusion
to power up my love
The Flux capacitor is fluxing
to help the time travel this machine is capable of

This song is hard to rhyme
Come inside my time machine
We can go back in time
And you can be my Time Queen
I'm not The Doctor
And I am not Marty McFly
But you know that I will do
My best to say goodbye

(chorus thing)

Time and Relative Dimensions
In space, that's what the Tardis means
It's not my invention
But mine still does that whooshing thing
I know that I'm not perfect
And that this song is getting old
But I wanted to say I will never neglect
you my love, And my story won't be untold

(chorus thing)
Back to the Future
let's go
Back and save the past
I'm not a hero
I'm just me
I'm just me
I'm not a hero...
Am juuuust

Anything else? Edit

Please feel free to check out my other stuff Another nerdy love Poem and A Poem About Love

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