Sometimes we judge people way too easily. If they have braces, there nerds, geeks, dorks and much much more. If they wear t-shirts and pants to the mall their poor.

I ask you why are we so judgmental? We judge crimes so easily and blame them to the innocent one. I ask you why? I just don’t understand. I have braces, I love wearing t-shirts when I’m going o the mall. I don’t have a fashion sense. I’m a bookworm. Judge me all you want but I don’t really care.

I’m just me. Maybe I don’t have fashion sense but that doesn’t matter. I maybe a bookworm , a nerd or what so ever but I still have friends unlike you who is so judgmental. You judge way too easily do you want to be a judge someday?

You know we don’t care how people look outside because what matters the most is what’s inside. Being judgmental won't earn you friends it maybe the reason you’re lonely right now with no friends besides you. We used to hang out real well but then I saw you change, you saw me change too. We didn’t met for a long time but now it seems like you’re a bad influence. I don’t know what to do anymore. You’re my cousin we were raise at the same time. You’re older than me by 3 months but I can’t believe what you have become.

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