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Just A Nobody

I'm not an artist,

Who can weave reality into a canvas,

Or paint the feelings of one,

'Make the thoughts be seen.

I'm not an athlete,

Who can run miles,

Or swim laps,

'Win gold medals in ever race.

I'm not a reader,

Who knows many books,

Or can memorize authors,

'Be knowledgeable.

I'm not a genius,

Who is in all the top classes,

Or wins all the competitions,

'Knows all the answers.

I'm not a comedian,

Who can make people laugh,

Say all the funny jokes,

'Break those awkward silences.

And most of all, I'm not a writer,

Who can write pieces,

And paint a picture with words,

'The someone I want to be.

I'm just a nobody,

Just the underdog,

Just the person who is never noticed,

'Just....the nobody...

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