Today was just one of those days,

Where you hurt all over

In your legs from streching and running in gym

And your head from the idiots that won't shut up during class

Your arm from orchestra practice

And your heart from seeing your friend with her boyfriend

And you know that the one you have feelings for

Does not feel the same way back

Or maybe he does

And all you want to do is sleep

Through 7th period

And the bus ride home

On which your always dropped off last

So you get a good nap usually

But there's a substitute driver today

And she drops you off first

So you can't sleep that long

And everyone knows where you live now


Now you're going be stalked by everybody that lives near you that's on your bus

One girl even said she was going to stalk you

Of course, you are her friend though

But she's crazy to you, even though your group of friends at school

Sniff sharpies

And crushed up smarties

Like they're drugs

Actually, one of them is an actually druggie

But that's not important at the moment

And your dad turned 9 today

In birthdays

He's actually 36 in years

Go Leap years!

And you go to work on your homework

But you get distracted

Writing this poem-ish thing

And it's just because

It's just one of those days

Where everything hurts

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