She was done.

She was done with their lies.

She was done being a pawn in their sick, twisted games.

She was done being stabbed in the back.

She was done being betrayed by those who called themselves her friends.

She had tried.

She had tried to stand up for the oppressed.

She had tried to change things for the better.

She had tried, but she had failed.

They didn't see others as humans.

They saw them as unfeeling robots.

All they cared about was power, control.

Those who had come before her had seen that.

He had tried to change things for the better.

They struck him down without a second thought.

She had tried to finish what he started.

They struck her down too.

She was done not knowing who to trust, not knowing who was sincere.

In the end only one person stood up for her.

They struck him down too.

So she turned her back on them.

And she walked away.

She didn't look back.

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