Katsumi is the main charachter of Enjoy The Insanity

Katsumi Endo
Katsumi Endo
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth February 18th
Current age 15
Gender Female
Family Hiro and Minori Endo (deseased)

Haruka Endo (cousin)

Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Pinkish Red
Height 5'8
Alias Katty
Affiliation Self
Weapons Psychic powers, two pistols
Species Human
Home From Tokyo, Japan but dorm is in Yanahara City, Japan
Appearances Trace The Photos


Katsumi has long pinkish red hair that she usually ties into a braid. She has dark green eyes and is very pale. She is a nice height for her age and is fairly skinny and is very limber.She is 5'8 in height.


Katsumi is sort of a gloomy sarcastic person that has a good sense of humor (even though sometimes she doesn't mean to be funny). It takes a lot to get her angry, but if you keep pestering her she will get VERY angry. Katsumi is somewhat a kind person at times. She really likes cats, judging by her cat Shiro. She isn't very fond of dogs.


When Katsumi was just seven years old, her parents hid her in the closet and were murdered one night in front of her. People bullied and made fun of Katsumi in school just because her parents died and she doesn't talk much or show emotion. One day in highschool, a school jock said somr very mean things to her, and Katsumi released some electric shock from her psychic abilites. It seriously injured the student and paralyzed him, forcing him to have to go to the hospital. Her social workers decided they should transfer her to the Hijoshikina Academy, for special kids.

Ordinary people think that it's just a school for people that are insane or are different, but really it's a safe haven for those of a different race or with strange abilities.


Haruka Endo-Her older cousin, is one of her best friends.

Chiyoye Hageshi-Her partner in crime, one of her best friends

Hana Hageshi-Her other partner in crime, almost like the little sister she never had

Taro Watanabe-Is part of the Yugure, an evil team and is trying to kill the Hageshi sisters, but she has a small crush on him

Meyami-HATES HER GUTS!!! >:((((

Kuro Takahashi-He's very creepy, she thinks he's a cross dresser, and most terrifying of the Yugure group and leader, yet his appearance is very unterrifying.

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