You laugh everytime you see us talking to yourselves a joke that we will never know. You call as a lot of things nerds, geeks and losers but I ask you did we ever laugh at you everytime you make a mistake? No we didn't. We help you when you don't understand things and you repay us with false gossips and denying us love and an entrance to sports, to cheerleading because you thought we are nothing but bookworms that can't do anything.

I remember everyday you ask if you can copy our assignments and each time we say no you whispered a false gossip. You asked to be understand but do you understand us? Do you think you're the only ones with problems? No, we too have problems we don't care about test results what we care about is how to make our parents happy. We're full of presures don't you know that? They want us to excel, sometimes we're jealous of you but yet by the way you are treating us sometimes we think its better to vanish along the darkness.

The awards given to be I want one by one to tore it apart they just remind me to keep onexceling more to be better than I was last year do you want to have it? Its yours because I'm sick and tired of being reminded of what I'm suppose to do.We don't have a choice in our college. I want to be an actress but my parents, my teachers and my friends will think that its not appropiate do you know how much sad that is?

Yet you continue to laugh at us. Call us different insulting names like we don't have feelings. We're not robots we have a heart too. We also fall in love and we have the same rights as you have. We can admire anyone we want.

We know you have problems to maybe if we try to slowly understand each other maybe this worl will be a better place where no one will be laughing at each other's wrong doings, a place where gossips doesn't matter.

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