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Lay it on thick, because I don't care,

Call me an idiot, moron, or I've got a lotta hair.

Lay it on thick, because I don't mind,

Hairy, scary, out of the times.

Lay it on thick, it don't matter to me!

Smiling, happy, buzzin' like a bee!

Lay it on thick, 'cause I'm happy as a clam,

Grinning and laughing, singing and dancing.

Lay it on thick, I'm deaf, don't you see?

Giggles, but inside I shout, "CAN'T YOU HEAR ME?!"

Lay it on thick, but do you ever really think,

It might be hard for me? That you're making me sink?

That I might be hurting behind the smile?

No. You never think that, not even once in a while.

So lay it on thick, please. Then I'll just smile.

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