Leah Comb
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth January 22nd
Current age 23
Gender Female
Family none
Status Alive, and VERY ANGRY
Eye Color Used to be blue, now reddish-brown
Hair Color Used to be blond, but bald. Wears a brown wig
Height 6'1"
Alias Lara Croft
Affiliation Self
Weapons Two shot guns and a flame throwers
Species Human
Home Sand-Water City
Appearances The Strangely Random

Leah Comb (or Lara Croft) is a character of The Strangely Random


Leah had long, 12 foot long blond hair before it got shaved off by her enemy. She is now bald. She had sea blue eyes untill she got so angry at Bob that they turned a brownish red. She has a brown wig that she wears sometimes.


Leah was a pampered princess of Sand Water City. She was filthy rich and lived in the biggest mansion in the city. She was known by her hair. One day, Bob shaved her head. That changed her life forever, making her a zombie hunter.


Leah is very serious and mean when it comes to zombie hunting, but if she's not zombie hunting, she's at the wig store trying to find the perfect wig.

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