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“Yu, would you like some tea?”

“yea mama.” I answered. I hate tea but I need to say yes or my mother will be humiliated in front of our guest.

“Yu, you would be a doctor when you grow up right?”

‘yes mama.” I don’t want to be a doctor. I hate blood and there are tons of things that might get wrong when I became a doctor. What if the patient die? I want to be an author but since the guests are here I need to shut my mouth.

“You have a good child Meimei. A shame she’s not a boy eh?” I looked at the man I want to kill him that has been a touchy subject for me. Everyone seems to hate the fact that I’m a girl well news flash I can’t do anything about it. I’m a girl and that’s that!

“Yes Rensheng. If she was a boy she wouldn’t have to die.” I wanna asked my mother about me dying but it’s against mama’s rules. I can’t talk when she’s talking with the guests.

“yes yes. Do you want me to kill her now Meimei?” The moment the the guest said that I want to run. to run away from home but mama wouldn’t like that so I stayed.

“yes, I can’t bear seeing that child anymore.” I want to scream at my mother that I’m her daughter that I have the right to live but I didn’t .The guest drew a knife and slowly he walked towards me. I stayed like a good child. I didn’t dare run like a good child.

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