The deep grinding chains. The agonizing solitude. This limbo that I'm in… it's horrible. Moments, years, decades… how long have I been here?


That sound. It echoes through my mind every day. I have no idea where it comes from, what make it or why it's even there. It intrigues me, and frightens me at the same moment.


Again and again. Like a heavy coat rolling across the floor. A low hum receded into the aching silence, oncemore. I collapsed, giving in to my own doom. I hoped to whatever power that bound me here, that it would set me free. Leave me to ascend into Heaven or to fall into Hell. Either one is far better than here.

A light ignites in the far corners. I lift my heavy head to gaze at it, to catch the final glimpse of hope. Before I can see what it is... it dies.

Dying, like my sanity. Dying, like my will. Dying... like me.

A deep rumble shakes the ground. Strangely, the dark becomes darker. I search for the source of the comotion. When I look up, I see horror.

What I see... what I see is absolute carnage.

Arched like a broken branch, over the rotting corpse, his mouth filled with blood flesh, the creature lets it slide down it's ghastly gullet. It's monstrous teeth rip through the body with ravenous vigour. The red, bleeding form below, becoming smaller and more grotesque, the monster grinds the dripping wet meat in it's titanous jaw.

I gaze upon the carcass, feeling fear and terror course through me. The creature tore an arm from the body, making a sickening POK sound. Blood dripped from the long strip of meat and bone as it disappeared between the beast's teeth. I looked down at the body oncemore.

Oh good God...

After the horrible deed is done, the villainous beast leaves it's wreckage behind. I let out a cry. The creature ventured forward, making no reaction to my plea of mercy. My insides twisted and turned, becoming as deformed and demented as the corpse before me.

I fall forwards.

A small spot of warmth. On my shoulder. Wet...

Behind me stands the monster. I regard the corpse one last time. For I know... I am about to become it...

Writer's Note:


Prisoner: OMYGAWD!

So, he gets omnomnomed. At least he gets to leave limbo! Hey, it's a happeh ending! :D

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