She was a lonely girl

With no friends to share her mirth

Her parents worked all day

She did not have siblings

Her hair was cut short

So it wouldn't get tugged all the time

She didn't wear make-up

So as not to look like a clown

The girls called her crazy

And stupid and fat and short

The boys paid her no mind

She wasn't the pretty sort

She cut her wrists and bled

She banged her head on the wall

She wanted to commit suicide

But was held on to her life

There was a new boy in the neighborhood

He was shy and impossibly sweet

He was tall and lanky

With a freckled face

And smiled in a funny way

She had to show him around school

And introduce him to teachers' rules

He was nice and graceful and very cute

And she had fallen in love

She acted colder than usual

Especially to him

But being new in town

He had no choice but to

Ask her to tell him and show him stuff

That he did not know how to do

And it all worked out in the end that she

Got too close for him too

They were friends, best friends

Sharing secrets and laughing at jokes

But one thing he had never known

Was of her love-struck lonely heart

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