Are you longing for me?

For I am longing for you

Everyday I want to see you

I want to talk to you

But I can’t

I’m gone from this life for a while

And you always said

That maybe one day we might be together

In another world

Or maybe even this one…

But how is that possible

If YOU don’t even long for me?

You don’t even miss me

Now I don’t know if that’s true or not,

But I just know that when the time comes

Will you be able to say it out loud?

Or will you just ignore the fact

That I might just love you?

Because I KNOW you know it

I know you think it

And denying it just makes everything worse.

They said you need a friend

And I’ll be your friend

But in return

I wish only that you don’t hurt me.

For how can I be anything

Much less a friend

If I’m not even longed for…?

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