Details are so annoying, so excruciatingly painful, especially if you happen to draw a fair amount, and you prefer to draw realistically. They can be a pain, so you would rather ignore them and focus on the bigger picture.

I know I would.

But wait, just think a minute. They are important, even if you don't like them. Without the details, the painting or the drawing might just be a blob of color. No volume or depth, no actual creativity. You need the details to support the big picture, no matter how insignificant they seem.

But there are also other kinds of details, the details on the outside. Of course, they might matter to someone else, in fact, they probably do; however, there is more to a person than just their outside.

Maybe they're quiet, like me, or they're funny. They could be arrogant and rude, or compassionate and generous. They could be drop-dead gorgous, or downright ugly. They could be anything in the whole wide world, but it doesn't matter if you have all the friends in the world or you're don't really have friends. What matters is the inside, how they actually relate to things, how they act.

It doesn't matter that I'm quiet, or I'm a bit weird, or I'm not the most attractive girl in the world. What matters is your personality, and quite frankly, I think I've got plenty of it.

But first you have to look past in the details on the outside, and look more into the big picture on the inside.

So next time you look at someone, maybe the rich, beautiful blond that almost everyone adores except the people she bullies, or the people who would rather be concealed in the shadows, think about the inside.

There might be more to them than you thought.

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