Him. A well build, handsome, tall, clumsy young man, with nicely cropped brown hair and sea-blue eyes. He was looking for a job. So he ended up in San Francisco.

Her. A tanned, slim young woman, with curly blond-brown hair and grey eyes. She was looking for a place to escape. So she ended up in San Francisco.

Them. They met when their baggages got mixed up with each other's. When his sea-blue eyes met her grey ones, he fell in love. When he smiled that crooked smile of his, she fell in love. And the next 4 months that followed had been perfect. Until he left, without uttering a single word, and she was left there, alone. Broken.

2 years passed. She was on her honeymoon, so she ended up in San Francisco. She was greeted by a strange bell hop at the hotel with her husband, who never seem to meet her eyes, and never, not once, even smiled a friendly smile at her.

One day, when she was about to leave, and the strange bell hop was taking her luggage down to the car awaiting her, the bell hop began violently coughing up blood. Horrified, she rushed him to the hospital emergency room. She finds his wallet to see if he has any contacts, and to her surprise, she found a picture of her under the Golden Gate Bridge, smiling with the man she had fell deeply in love with 2 years ago. The man that had left without uttering a single word. The man that broke her heart.

She later learns that he has cancer. He had been diagnosed 2 years ago, and refused treatments of any kind. "I prefer to live a life then be stuck in a hospital forever." That was what he had said to the doctor when he learned that he had a 0.5% chance of surviving. And yet he had survived for 2 years.

"I left because you'll only fall in love with me more, but I'll die, and you'll only suffer more. I'd prefer you move on before your heart get too broken to fix. But I'll always love you," he croaked in answer when she had ask him why he had left. "I became a bell hop at that hotel. I knew if you get married, you'd go there. You always said that you'd have your honeymoon here, no matter what. So I waited. Waited until I see that you're happy. I love you with all my heart. I'm sorry."

"I love you," he whispered one last time. "P-promise me you'll be happy."

"I promise," she said, tears streaming down her face.

He smiled that crooked smile of his, the one that made her fall completely and utterly in love with him, and then closed his eyes, still smiling.

He lied there, as still as ever. Then the heart monitor went dead.