Is it hate?


Can we see it?


It's so complicated,

Why do we love?

Can't we hate?


We love our life,


No one can hate everything,

They love something,

Even if they don't know...


Why does this happen?

Why do you love?

Why do you love?

What if this thing called love?

What is the meaning of it?

You can look in a dictionary,

You can search all your life,

But you can only find the definition,

If you admit,

That you love...

There is love in the world...

There is love in our fate....

If we hate someone,

We still love him,

We still miss him if he dies...


Is it your heart?


Is it your heart?

No, no,


It isn't,

Love is you,

You are love.

Everything was made by love....

Love is our life,

Love is our pity,

Love is our hatered,

Love is our death and our tears,

Love is our pain and pleasure.

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