The following story takes place in the eyes of a dying father.

Chapter 1: Dying lifeEdit

When the doctors announced that I would die I was shocked. I immediately refused to have a heart transplant to save my frail heart which would cause my death. I'd rather go down with my own heart. When I went back home, my first intention was to call my daughter, who was in university. But I instantly became locked in an internal battle. I suddenly realized, now that I was coming to the end of my life, that I had always mistreated her. She had always stuck by my side when I was sick or injured. I had always treated her acts of love and loyalty to me for granted. I surely couldn't trouble her one last time. But I was dying. She might want to see me one last time. So I picked up the phone and dialed her cell. After waiting for a bit, she responded, "Hello dad? What's up?"

"My daughter.... my child....I am dying."
Yiruma - My Memory00:00

Yiruma - My Memory

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"What????????!!!!!!! I am coming as soon as I can."

After she'd hung up, I went to prepare one last meal for her. In truth, I'd never actually prepared a meal for her but I was determined not to let that get in the way.
Creepy night
After an hour, I had prepared some homemade chicken soup and some chocolate cookies, with hers saying thank you. When the door opened, she saw me and joined at the table. She reached for my hand and asked me with concern, "Dad. What happened?"

"My heart is going to stop working and I will die soon.."

I watched as tears trickled down her cheeks. I extended a hand and wiped them away. I gestured to the food and gestured for her to eat. After we'd finished the soup and I finished my cookies, she asked me, "Why do my cookies have the words 'Thank you' on them?" I replied, "Because I'd like to say thank you for sticking to my side. Without your love and loyalty, I wouldn't be here." As her face crumpled with love, I had no eyes to see it as suddenly, a sharp pain came from my chest. She instantly ran over and helped me lie down on the sofa. As I was about to die I said, "You'll always be my girl. Daddy's little girl." Soon, the world slowly started fading. I only had eyes for her and I reached out to touch her cheek one last time before the entire world faded.

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