"Living beings kill everyone they care about! So why should I care about their lives!

Another be introduced in Sample Stories Great demon war arc. I hope you like him


Once just a young demon warrior,at 15 in the Great Demon War named Lawrence, his section of the army was attacked burtally in what was considered later a small inconvinvence for both sides. the only survivor of this, He managed to find his way into the arms of a young angel nurse named Flora and her clinc, who while her side severed his enemy treated his wounds and help him live. He managed to befreind Flora and lived with her.

however, Flora's side took over the town and declared that they would kill alll of the enimes of their empire. there was a great riot and many were killed, Lawrence told Flora that he would go out and accepct the punishment in order to keepher safe.

But she took the punishment for him, she was sentanced to be hanged pubicly for Lawrence's sake. Death however took pity on her and took her soul dirctly to the gods, were she now lives as Death on and off girl friend.

Unfortunletly things did not go well for Lawrence. When he returned to his country, he found that his family was falsly acussed of being spies and were executed. He grew a hatred at living things, hating them so such that even after death was supposed to take his soul it sayed there ploting his vengance. even long after the war. abandoing his name he became known as Malice


He can will his anger into physical forms. even then he is also a skkilled warrior.

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