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Author's NoteEdit

This is a poem I wrote in my native language (Russian) after upsetting my mother very horribly. I also included a translated English version below it.

(Original Version)Edit

Дорогая мамочка

Для тебя цветы должны цвести.

Ничто, никогда, не сровнится,

С тем что ты для нас сделала.

Ночами не спала, а возилась с

Нами целые дни.

И я должна заметить что мы не очень уж и


(Translated Version)Edit

Dear mama

Flowers should bloom for you.

Nothing, ever, will compare

To what you did for us.

Sleepless nights, fussing over us

For whole days on end.

And I must note that we don't seem overly


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