Masato Oyata
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth November 24
Current age 16-18
Gender Male
Family Satsuki Oyata (mother)

Kenta Oyata (father)

Hideki Oyata (older brother)

Tatsuya Oyata (younger brother)

Ayame Kenji (cousin)

Status Alive
Eye Color Golden-brown
Hair Color Blue
Height 179 cm (5'10")
Alias That blue haired boy

Perverted idiot

Taro Tanaka

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Weapons {{{weapons}}}
Species Human
Home Tokyo, Japan
Appearances None

Masato Oyata is a main character in the manga series Secrets of the Spiritkeeper.


Masato is described by others as a perverted idiot with no respect for the rules. He is very cheerful, laid-back and overemotional but is shown to be loyal and caring to his friends and family. Masato is actually smarter than he looks and acts but will always continue to do reckless and inaproppriate things.


Masato has shaggy blue hair which he is constantly mocked about, earning him the nicknames "Blueberry boy" and "That blue haired boy". He has a long fringe that covers his golden-brown eyes and paled skin. When he is out of his uniform, Masato wears casual, loose fitting clothing. He is 177cm (5'9) tall.


The Life and Lies of Masato Oyata 

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