Maximo Troy Newton
Knight of Kimbaloot
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth July 13th 1923 BTB
Current age 14
Gender male
Family unknown
Status alive
Eye Color blue
Hair Color brown
Height 5.6"
Alias Max
Affiliation Knights of Kimbaloot
Weapons sword
Species human/wizard
Home 2417 Remmy Rd. Thustlethorn, Realm of 1000 Deadly Spells.

Formerly 1456 Waverly Way Bandeldoop, Realm of 1000 Deadly Spells

Appearances Comet Fate and the Hero of Mysteries

Comet Fate and the Planet of the Dawnstride

Comet Fate and the Sword Theif of Kimbaloot (coming soon)

Maximo Troy Newton, or "Max" by girlfriend Comet Fate is a 14 year old boy who constantly makes people laugh. He doesn't like being bested by a female, frequently gambles and is skilled with a sword. He was the champion monster duelist in Bandeldoop, but that title was taken over by Comet.

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