I’m going now. I guess this is goodbye?

I reread the message all over again hoping that it wasn’t right, hoping everything is just a dream that one day I’ll woke up and see him there telling jokes and ghost stories. I asked him again on the chat. “Are you really sure? Isn’t it better here?”

“Well whether you like it or not, I’ll be going anyways.” I started crying. I won’t see him again, never ever again. He’ll leave me all alone. I was semi-glad and semi-angry to be receiving this message on Facebook instead of a face to face conversation. At least he won’t see me cry and think of me as a childish girl, but then again I will never see his face ever again.

Maybe if I didn’t met him I wouldn’t have felt his much pain. Maybe If I ignored him that day he decided to ask me a question I wouldn’t have fall in love with him. Maybe if I didn’t opened my Facebook Account I wouldn’t have known he was leaving. Maybe if my heart was as hard as an ice I wouldn’t have fall for him.

He left me all alone, without any pictures for me to remember him or any gifts to laugh at when I came across it again while I’m cleaning my stuff.

I wish you were never born Luke Martin Hernandez!

Mr.Ghostdoctor! LMH!

Look Stop and Listen!

I love you! Please come back and don’t leave me all alone!

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