Some of us here are happy some are sad but then again it's not always.Sometimes we're all alonf with no one to talk to,sometimes we have friends with us to feel love and joy.It's not always.Our life is a wheel,sometimes we're at the top sometimes we're at the bottum.It's like what a Filipino saying says Ang buhay ay isang gulong minsan nasa taas minsan nasa baba.

Life is cruel.Nothing in this world is free.We need to buy water if we want to drink it without dying right after.What happened to our world?I don't know.I just turn 13 last march 18.So instead of talking about how the world change, I’m going to write about my own life.

I’m under the care of my 46 year old parents. Well actually I only live with my mother here at my country. My father, a Taiwan Citizen seldom visits.

My father continuously hurt my feelings. All I wish is for him to be here during my birthday and so far as I can remember he only attended 6 of it may be less than six times. My pre-school graduation, was he there? No. I’m graduating sixth grade, This June I’m already a freshman. It only happens once every life time yet is he here? No. He tries to make up for it by giving me anything I want and so far I only asked twice. The Lost Hero and a laptop he gave it all to me, but am I satisfied? No.

I always thinks that he’s a great dad and all. I never think of him as a dad who’s that always there. I can understand. I’m old enough to understand that .So here I’am making you proud. I really love you dad.I know that it's not your fault you can't visit me during those dates.I know you're doing this for me as well,I'm not going to let you down Pa.I really really love you.