You think that it is special
And that it means something real
But I know it has no meaning
And now you think I have no feelings

We are young and in our mid-teens
And you expect me to say these things
That I cannot say yet
And I am sorry that I cannot say it

It doesnt mean that I never will
It doesn't mean I have had my fill
Of you, I still want to be with you
But this doesn't mean I should say "I love you"

I do love you, of this I have no doubt
But can you not go without
Me saying these three words
For just a few months at worst?

I cannot be that guy
Who says it, even if I don't lie
I want to save it for the right time
I want the moment to be sublime

If our relationship is straining
And your love for me is waning
I will say it, pure and true
I will announce it, sing it and shout "I LOVE YOU!"

I want you to be out of breath
I want to have made you fully speechless
All I want it to make our love flourish
Because it is what you deserve, something brilliant and gorgeous

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