They were in love.

One would probably say they were too young but the young lovers payed no attention to them. They were careless, free of all worries. They would playfully tease each other and lay in an open field, staring at the stars and finding the constellations.

They were meant to be together, or at least, that's how most story book endings would be. Sadly, life isn't a pop-up fairytale, a shame really, that you can't "write up" another ending when you feel like it.

No, their happy ending wasn't too happy at all. The young man at proposed to his sweetheart and thus, they were engaged. Not for all however, because the evening before their wedding the young woman was struck when walking to the store to buy some things.

It was foolish really, to not look when crossing the street. It wasn't a busy street really and she took a chance which sadly, cost her life. The doctors could not to anything and, out of grief, the young man took off his engagement ring. He vowed never to love again, as fate had been so cruel as to take his love away from him.

Now, ten years later, the man stands by her grave. He is crying with a a white lily in his hands. White stood for purity and white lilies were the woman's favorite flower; it seemed appropriate. He set the flower on the grave, tears dropping the petals, making them glisten. Like her bright blue eyes on a rainy day. Ten year ago, when she died that same day, the young man vowed never to forget her.

And he never has for the rest of his life because the young woman will always have a place in his heart.

I listened to Memories by Panic! at the Disco while I wrote this which is how I came up with the title. It's a really good song, I recommend it. Well, I recommend all their songs.

I just realized practically everything I write is sad...I must be good at writing sad things...or it's just easier for me.

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