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(Not mine)

My first villain for my heroes.


An alien scientist with a dinosaur like head, feet and tail. He came to this worlds version of earth because he noted that the gods put a lot of interst into these beings. However he sees the planet as little more than "a test tube worthy of my experiment

He created robots and bio-organic creatures to create variables on the planet. They were stop by Silver Fang. Sending the remaning ones back to his ship. He began creating a new bio-organism made with added demon DNA. Creating Slogthian. Slogthian disobeyed his commands, so he sent the creature into space.

Personality and TechnologyEdit

Cold blooded, he does all in the name of knowledge, he is unable to understand the heroes, think at life just exist for his experiments. He has vast knowledge and intellect, mastering almost every form of science. Although he knows their is such a thing as gods and magic, he cares not for them.

He has a vast collection of technology, notably his androids, bio weapons, interdimsional transporters, bio-organic creatures, and his clones, all of which share his memories and get right back at doing whatever he was doing at his death.

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