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Hi guys, this is something new I've wanted to try, there's two poems here that can be read apart or together as one long one. Each one has it's own meaning/backstory/speaker, and they give those qualities to each other when read together, hope you enjoy!.

3 Am and sleep's seduction is unlikely

Staring at my computer screen, hack of the psyche

Thoughts pour fast, head begins to reel

The mind,soul,and heart;replaced by steel

Listen to the words that can ruin me

Following the beats that move chaotically

Reminds me of a place called home

Now it's just me and a broken metronome

Left alone to my own devices

I found out I threw away something priceless

Cuts deep on my skin, drawing blood but fast healing

Mechanized numbness, tell me what is a "feeling"?

A sick virus embraces me warmly

Forget who I am, talk with the machine that speaks for me

Echoing memories, delay the stillness

Just whispering ghosts and useless wishes

They belong to something else now- part of dead dreams

Cut the connection, and just take them out by the seams

My world is getting darker, or do I just see it differently?

The face that screams for contact, but the mask is all you see

I know it's obscene, but what else am I suppose to do?

Trying to blank the days and nights that remind me of you

Metallic tendencies only hide the fact, I wanted to be rewound

Maybe one day I'll be back,


I haven't lived as long as others have

I have nothing but a laptop and some worn out sneakers

A smile, some laughter, and the memories in my heart

There were some times so sad, that it made tears come out

But I always had you by my side

We talked, we laughed and yeah sometimes got hurt

You realized sometimes I tried to take shortcuts, and ended up in circles

I was too ambitious, trying too hard but just fell 

You laughed it off, and helped me up

I realized then, even if you can't believe in everyone

You can't outrun someone you do believe in

You made me stronger, just by being who you are

Like a gentle wind blowing, swaying the trees softly

You always looked at the world with a smile

Yes, the two who shared so many memories

Are now far apart

I can say that I miss you now

But you're not really gone

I can see how you saw the world, everytime my heart beats

"Take a melody,

Simple as can be

Give it some words and

Sweet harmony" 

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