...because not everyone needs one...

That day he drove along his street. It was hailing, the hail was as big as golf balls.

His wife prayed and prayed that he wouldn't be hit. He had a later shift, he would be driving at night. She knew the hail wouldn't stop.

And it didn't.

He was running away from the police. He had murdered a young women in her twenties. He would gladly accept if the police failed to catch him.

It was hailing outside, the hail was the size golf balls. He hoped the police wouldn't catch them, and for the smallest moment he knew they wouldn't.

He jumped over a fence, his foot catching the wire. He only just made it when the police caught up to him. There was a gust of wind and the police had to close their eyes.

The murderer was gone.

...and because not everyone wants one...

They were hoping for a miracle. She wasn't. They were hoping she was a fraud. She wasn't.

Her whole life depended on this little thing. They would do it wrong. Of course they would do it wrong. They had no idea how to do it, so she would be killed. Of course she would, there was no other way. It was a miracle for them, a tragedy for her.

They proved her wrong.

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