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I'm a princess and this is what I do.

Mitchell Garcia Esguiera
Princess of Kalemdai
The Red Haired Witch
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Dec.25 1980
Current age 31
Gender Female
Family Mother: Nadien Elizabeth Garcia
Status Alive
Eye Color {{{eye}}}
Hair Color Red
Height 5'3
Alias {{{alias}}}
Affiliation Paranormal School, Kalemdai
Weapons Spells
Species wtches/ magicians
Home Kalemdai
Appearances Paranormal School


Mitchell is the daughter of Queen Nadine Elizabeth, Given by the fact that her mother is a queen Mitchell have special treatment in Paranormal School. A lot of witches hates her but she doesn't really care as long as she can torture people.


a lot of witches hate her making her a loner but she doesn't show it. She acts like a tough girl but deep inside she really is hurt with words being thrown at her


Being a witch and a princess, Mitchell led a very good life without annoyance from the others

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