"A report is pulled up from the russian police of Moscow (translated to english) when you search this name."

Name: MolotovEdit


Molotov is considered a "vigilante". As the Americans put it. Bull. He's cost us hundreds off American dollars for building repairs and then equipment that we've need to replace because of him. He's described and a Six foot Six inches, American accent, male, trenchcoat, mask hiding his face, no real other description since he rarely leaves witnesses for us to find when he's done. He earned the name "Molotov" as it was assumed that he used molotovs originally when first reports of him drifted in. However, we have established that he is a mutant, and is a pyrokinetic.


Molotov uses no weapons, beside hand to hand combat, and his pyrokinetics. He can create streams of fire, fireballs, massive explosions, you name, he can generate it. Instead of most pyrokinetics, who can only manipulate fire, it is said that Molotov is one of five pyrokinetics in the entire world that can generate the fire that they need.

Danger Level: Danger! Shoot on sight.Edit


It's known that Molotov has come into contact, or has previously known before, the following people:

  • Voltaire
  • The Actor
  • Doctor Incredible

Attached PhotoEdit

Masked Man in the Mist by TheWhiteLight

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