"Nice ta meet ya!"

An: Decided to expand the super hero roster of Manvadrasia adding another girl.


Her real name is Sona Wukong, she was born to a small family that lived in a village on Mount Pazon. The Young beastwoman took an early interest in martial arts, which she soon found to be a natural at. She quickly became the pride of the villlage, and she let the fame go to her head.

One day, another beastmen came into the town. He heard the tales of her prowless and her own boasting. Annoyed by this he chanlenged her to a duel. She agreed, and soon found herself in the best battle of her life. By the end, both fighters collapsed from sheer exhaustion. However, as she was techicly the first to fall, she lost. She asked who the man was, and he replied. "My name is Silver Fang, champion of Xien." He soon left, but Sona would not forget.

As soon as she recovered, she ran away from home. She climbed to the top of Mount Pazon and begged the gods to forgive her for her huburis and give her the power to make up for it. Suddenly, Icarun himself appeared, and gifted her with The Nimbus, her own personal cloud that she could use to travel anywhere in the world. Shinzu then appeared to her, and gave her the Eternal Staff. She then told the young beastwoman that to unlock it's true power she must prove her new found humility by living among a troop of monkeys for a year.

At first, she was disguested by the idea, but when the year was done she was just as much a monkey as any other, at least in spirit. Shinzu's gift, she discovered, was the greatest. The Eternal Staff not only increased her strengh, but also could extend as far as she could imagine. After getting used to civilization again, she decided to venture into the world and help others by fighting crime.


  • She is based on the Monkey King of Journey to the West
  • Her Birthday is April 3rd
  • She is Bisexual, and currently in a relationship with a female naga
  • She does charaty matches with Silver Fang regurally
  • She tried getting her two families togthor once, it didn't end well.

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