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The Aquamen (O-Kwamen) are a race of underwater creatures. They have multiple long tentacles in place of their hair. Their skin color varies, and they live in an underwater planet called Aquarealm.

Aquarealm is completely underwater, has an atmosphere of oxygen, and is filled with both dark oceans and shallow seas. The Aquamen live in a semi-shallow sea named Skia Sea.

For years, the Aquamen have been struggling to destroy a mysterious creature in the darkest depths of the sea, in Death Caves...

Pendants have an important role in the Aquarealm. They are the symbol of the owner. At the birth of an Aquamen, the wizards of ancient times give the baby a pendant, which is usually magic. The most common pendants are the shell and the coral shaped pendants.

This is Luna's pendant.

Luna is a character in this book. She has light blue skin and darker blue tentacles/hair. She usually wears silver colors. She is cautious, but loves fun. She was born on the night of a full moon, and the pendant presented to her at birth was a moon pendant.

Chapter 1 - Moon CharmEdit

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