He laughed along with her. He always looks for ways to cheer her up, ways to make her smile. They had been friends for 10 years, and nothing more.

She sighed. He looks to see what's wrong. But she just waved it off and forced a smile on her face, saying she was fine. They had been friends for 10 years, and nothing more.

He makes a joke again, attempting to cheer her up, just to see her smile again, just to hear her laugh again. Her forced smile turned in to a real one, and her laugh sounds like an angel's. Her laugh lights up his day. He joyfully put an arm around her, and she punches his arm playfully, but stayed in his arms anyways.

Now's the time to say it, he thinks, I like you. No. I love you. But he does not. It was too cliché. Nervousness took over him, and he just covers it by making some lame joke. She laughs anyways.

Go on, she thinks. Tell him. I like you. No. I love you. But she does not. It was too cliché. Doubt comes over her, and she just laughed at some lame joke he had made.

She smiles and says she has to go home. He offers to go with her, but she refuses, telling him it'd be too much trouble. Truth be told, she just want to walk alone and think.

After they parted, it started raining. Without an umbrella, she put her hood up and begins to jogged home. Suddenly she hears someone shouting her name. She turns around, shocked. There he was, soaked from head to toe, one hand holding an umbrella, grinning like crazy. "You forgot your umbrella," he states simply.

"This is yours."

"I know. Here. You need this more than I do."

She laughs, because he was the one with the t-shirt and soaking wet from head to toe. "Where'd you get it? I thought you left it at home."

"I know. I ran there. Full speed. And then ran back. I know you jog slow." He puts the umbrella up, shielding them both from the rain. He puts his arm around her. "Feel warmer?"

She nods. "Thanks," was all she could say as she felt heat creeping up her cheeks. She hopes her blush is not noticeable.

"I like you," he blurts out. He didn't know where it came from, much less cared.

She laughs. "I know. As a friend."

"No. I mean.. I like you. More than a friend."

A shocked look creep on her face. He wonders if he had said something wrong. He regrets it, and mentally slaps himself.

Then she smiles. "I like you too," she says. He had never felt happier his entire life.

His lips met hers and honestly, it was the most cliché thing she and him had ever experienced.

But neither of them cared.

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