"Papa, are the trees really green like you say they are?" the young girl asked. She had small tufts of red hair growing out and her big green eyes were filled with wonder and curiosity. She was wearing a white hospital gown and was laying in the hospital bed. "Yes, you are absolutely right honey." the man standing next to her replied. He had thin brown hair and had the look that he had not slept in awhile. "Papa, what color is my hair again?" the girl touched it as if she could feel what the color was. "It's red, the most beautiful shade of red I have ever seen."

"And my eyes?"

"A deep sea-green." the father replied, a tear running down his cheek. "Papa will I ever see color again?" the girl whispered and slowly, the man shook his head. "Isabel, the doctors say y-you won't be able to see color again. They can't treat it." The girl looked at her father as if waiting for a doctor to come in and say, "Isabel is going to see colors again!"

But that never happened.

Her father was crying silently, he had lost both his wife and his son to this terrible cancer. "Oh God, please don't let them take my daughter, you know how much she means to me." he whispered but he knew his only daughter couldn't be saved.

Finally, Isabel broke the silence.

"Papa, am I going to die?"

Her father looked at her and swallowed. Should he tell her the truth or let her go on not knowing? He took a breath. "Isabel there is a big chance you might, but you'll still be my little angel no matter what."

"So I'll be with mama and Teddy?"

"Yes, yes you will." her father replied, smiling slightly even though tears freely fell down his face.

"I wish you could come too, then we could all be a family again." Isabel said and grabbed his hand. "Papa, please say with me tonight." she whispered and her father nodded, "Alright."

The next day the father woke up to find Isabel freezing cold. He looked at the monitor and saw there was a line going across, nothing else. "No...Isabel!" he whispered and noticed his little girl standing next to him. "It's okay papa, I'll watch over you. I'm still your little angel." she said, smiling and disappeared. The man stood up and smiled to himself; she was still here. She couldn't entirely reach him but she was still here.

His little angel.

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