My friend tried to imagine my mind the other day


Only I can do that

No one knows what is in here


But now you do

Just know

That what you’re finding

Is not treasure

You may think it


But I think it horrific

And I hate to have it in my mind

So let’s open these gates

These brass, wrought iron gates

What do you see?


Of course not

You see a storm

With clouds as dark as the shadows

Claps of lightning at every corner

Slippery, goo-like black demons seeping through the cracks and crevices of my brain

A girl in a white dress with long black hair

As beautiful as the sun

But as cold as a blizzard

With the ferocity to match

She is queen here

But I am king

We rule

These horrid beasts

Who run wild

In my mind

Giving me these ides

There names

They are hate

And anger

And fear

And death

And soul

And sadness

And there are many more

But I do not wish you to see them

So if you would please

The exit from my mind

Is that-a-way

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