"Wisdom is something you do not earn through your good deeds, but it is a curse which comes through your experience" ~ Myself.

To translate that quote it means: Wisdom does not come from being brave and heroic and being the golden deed maker, but wisdom comes from what you have been through, the harsh times where you come to open your eyes. I view it as a curse, because with wisdom is knowledge, and knowing things, means you lose that naive innocence you once had. This piece, I dedicate to 3 users. Jenna Fraen (Jen-Jen), Pétiller chéri (Cheri), and Waterdaughter (Water). I hope my share of wisdom helps them through had times....

Keeping your eyes close is a bad idea,

You may crash at any moment.

But opening them means a whole new view,

Seeing things, you'd rather not see.

That is why we have,

Sleep and wake, day and night.

Make sure you use this wisely,

That is my share of wisdom.........

Drowning yourself,

In drinks and shit, will give you break.

But let me remind you, a break does not last,

So be prepared for the wake, the cold flash of reality.

Make sure you know, what will happen in the afterwake,

This is my share of wisdom..........

And lastly, live life to the fullest,

Even if you only love all, but trust few.

Make sure that few remains over just you,

This is my share of wisdom.

And to finish, I have to say,

I have more, much more to say.

This is only part of what i wish to tell you,

So take it to heart,

For what I tell you,

Is my share of wisdom........................

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